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Our "Aim" and "Ambition"

Our mission is to revolutionize undergraduate education by ensuring that every student can fulfill their mandated internship hours. By providing comprehensive support and resources, we aim to reduce the number of undergraduates who are unable to complete their degree program, enabling them to achieve their full potential and excel in their chosen careers.

Join us on a journey of discovery and growth, where we will help you unlock your full potential and achieve your career goals. At The Interns Hub, we are dedicated to building a brighter future for our students, our community, and our world.

At The Interns Hub, our goal is to establish ourselves as a premier institution that produces highly-skilled, technical, and professional individuals who are sought after both locally and globally. We achieve this through strategic partnerships with leading companies, both locally and internationally, to ensure our students are equipped with the latest tools and techniques in their respective fields. By providing world-class education and hands-on experience, we're cultivating the next generation of top talent that will drive innovation and growth in the global economy. Join us in our mission to shape the future of work and create a brighter tomorrow for all.

Since 2020, we have been providing more than 10 major companies with a dynamic talent pipeline, sourcing diverse and skilled interns for entry-level roles in administration & marketing, IT, and business development.

Our interns may work on essential yet fundamental tasks, allowing more experienced professionals to tackle pressing issues within the company. Not only does this approach drive business success, but it also creates equitable access to meaningful career opportunities for young people, particularly those residing in underserved countries and communities that may encounter obstacles to achieving sustained economic growth.


Founder's Story

In 2015, my mother founded a school in Cebu, Philippines, and I've been deeply involved ever since. Together, we built partnerships with local companies, which we called "Industry Partners," to offer internships to our students.

In 2020, everything changed. Due to the pandemic, our students were unable to physically attend their internships, jeopardizing their ability to complete their required hours. As someone who believes in the power of education, this broke my heart.

I spoke with deans and coordinators from other schools and universities and discovered a common issue - many students were unable to graduate because they couldn't finish their internships. I couldn't bear the thought of these students missing out on the ceremony and recognition they deserved.

That's when I made it my mission to create virtual internships that would not only allow our students to graduate, but also provide valuable experience for their future careers. It's been a challenging journey, but it's all been worth it to see our students succeed and achieve their dreams.

My goal is to continue to reduce the number of students who are unable to graduate each year and to provide the most valuable virtual internships possible. Education is a powerful tool, and I'm honored to be a part of helping our students succeed.

Working with interns has allowed me to appreciate my work better. As I teach interns the processes and industry practices, I am challenged to explain in a way that relates to their class lessons. 

The interns have been helpful enough to reduce my workload. Although taking the time to teach and meet them is extra work, it becomes worth it as they become independent and productive. 

The Interns Hub has made connecting with interns with the right background easy. They take care of the documentation and the nitty gritty details, so I don't have to. With their help, I can focus on my work and training interns.

Kim Maragañas


The Backbone

We are a dynamic team fueled by passion, dedicated to empowering interns to pursue their passions beyond undergrad. Our mission is to unlock their potential and open doors to new opportunities, propelling them towards success.

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