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Mari Gem Aldrie M. Alquizar

San Pedro College

I honestly feel grateful to the Interns-Hub and Truely for the amazing and challenging experience. I never expected to see myself going out of my comfort zone and leading a team. The first week I was onboarded, I was already chosen to be a Team Manager. I did not, it was scary. All I could ever think of during that time was how to manage my team in less than a week. I knew at that moment, that I had to give my best. So, I did. I crammed, I worked overtime, and I made sure my members were comfortable with the working environment I set. And here I am, after three months, finally bidding goodbye.
I am proud to be part of them, even for a short period. They gave me opportunities to foster and grow, to learn something new, to mentor and be mentored. I'm humbled to be surrounded by such incredibly talented and result-oriented people.

It's truly bittersweet to leave a workplace I enjoyed; meeting targets every month, the 9 AM sprint calls, the random meetings, and welcoming new colleagues (to name a few). But, like what they always say, this is just a chapter that has come to an end.

Thank you, Interns Hub and Truely! It's been a pleasure working with you guys, and I will genuinely miss it. 


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